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Ten months ago, I started to look at other version control systems because I was fed up with the Subversion centralized model. It tested Git, Mercurial, Bazaar, etc.. Bazaar was the good choice because it allowed the dev teams to make branches easily in a decentralized environment, to push commits to the old subversion repository, to keep an easy syntax, etc...

Now there are few reasons to switch back to Git:

we want to checkout and test branches faster without managing dozens of repositories, we do not want to upload 500 ko of data for a 1 line commit, we want to push the generic Telemeta to GitHub. Sorry Bzr folks, I like your stuff, but Git is more appropriate now for this project.

Developers, please ​`update your skills <>`_ :)

What you need to do with the new repository:

  • Get the lastest development version to try the lastest useful features

    git clone
  • To get the CREM's branch:

    git clone
    git checkout crem
  • You can also ​follow / fork the project on GitHub !

  • To get write access to the main repository (i.e. ​git+ssh://, please contact us by email.

NB : ​This is the good method to convert a Bzr repo.


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