Archives of the French Research Centre of Ethnomusicology (CREM)

The audio archives of the CNRS – Musée de l’Homme gather commercial and unpublished recordings of music and oral traditions from around the world, from 1900 to the present. Consisting of diverse types of media (wax cylinders, 78 rpm, vinyl records, magnetic tapes, audio CDs, born digital records), these archives are among the most important in Europe in terms of quality, quantity and diversity.


Managed by the Center for Research in Ethnomusicology (CREM), these archives index:

  • Over 42,000 unpublished sound documents, among which 32.000 are available for listening, spread though more that 1,000 collections, representing about 4,000 hours of recordings of unpublished fieldworks.
  • Over 13,000 published materials, among which 4,600 are available for listening, in more …
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The DIADEMS project has started!

Telemeta is in the center of a new DIADEMS project sponsored by the french research agency ANR. It has started on january 2013 and will be effective during 3 years.

DIADEMS stands for: Description, Indexation, Accès aux Documents Ethnomusicologiques et Sonores (Description, Indexation, Access to Sound and Ethnomusicological Documents)

The academic laboratories envolved:

  • IRIT (Institut de Recherche en Informatique de Toulouse)
  • MNHN
  • The corporate development partner:
  • Parisson

The persons envolved (non exhausive list):

  • Julien Pinquier
  • Jérôme Farinas
  • Maxime Le Coz
  • Aurore MONOD
  • Boris Doval
  • Claude Barras
  • Emeline LECHAUX
  • Guillaume Pellerin
  • Hugues Genevois
  • Hélène Lachambre
  • Jean Lambert
  • Jean-Luc Rouas
  • Joséphine Simonnot
  • Leonidas Ioannidis
  • Marie CHOSSON
  • Marie-France Mifune
  • Martine Adda
  • Marwa Thlithi
  • Matthias Robine
  • Pascal Le Saec
  • Patrice Guyot
  • Pierre Hanna …
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