Import ISO 639-3 languages

From Telemeta 1.4, an ISO 639-3 language model has been implemented.

The ISO language table content can be initialized with the official code set. Here is a import example where telemeta_crem5 is the SQL database:

mysql -u root -p
load data infile '' into table telemeta_crem5.languages CHARACTER SET UTF8 ignore 1 lines (identifier, part2B, part2T, part1, scope, type, name, comment);

If you upgraded Telemeta from a version previous or equal to 1.3, please update the media_items table as follow:

mysql -u root -p
use telemeta_crem5
ALTER TABLE media_items ADD COLUMN 'language_iso_id' integer;
ALTER TABLE 'media_items' ADD CONSTRAINT 'language_iso_id_refs_id_80b221' FOREIGN KEY ('language_iso_id') REFERENCES 'languages' ('id');
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