Telemeta is now usable on any OS, ready for development and for production in 5 mn! B-)

  • Provide a docker image and composition for the full Telemeta application bundle. One month after the publication of docker-compose around march 2015, we had managed to build a prototyped composition which bundled all the dependencies of Telemeta and TimeSide. It took almost one year to deeply investigate all the capabilities of Docker and various images to finally release a propoer composition which bundles all the necessary applications and modules.
  • Full refactoring of the search engine and interface using django-haystack and ElasticSearch with new faceting and smart filtering features
  • Add an automatic EPUB3 ebook exporter for corpus and collections embedding metadata, image and audio materials.
  • More inline forms and functional buttons
  • Install new useful tools and modules like Conda, Jupyter notebook and many others
  • Add resource sharing links
  • Switch to Affero GPL licence
  • Upgrade of every dependency bundle in the composition
  • Many, many bugfixes
  • Thanks to all partners for this huge release!

Get it:


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