• Minor bug fixes and improvments
  • Fix HTML5 audio compatibility (#173) for the web audio player. The SoundManager Flash player fallback should not be used in most modern web browser. Media files are now serves through Nginx (#155) which enables to stream music with byte range requests.
  • Add a User permission "can_run_analysis" to specify that a user or a group of users has the right to list and select advanced Timeside analysis to be displayed in the Timeside web audio player.
  • Temporarily remove Timeside server from INSTALLED_APPS until the development of this application is more advanced and is really used by Telemeta.
  • Add enumeration management and statitics
  • Improved media security allowing streaming through Nginx only from the application
  • Add TimeSide as a submodule
  • Add a validator for Corpus and Fonds
  • Upgrade various dependencies


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